oneRhino is a web development and design company focused on SilverStripe, WordPress, Magento, and PHP.

A team of eight, we use our combined 60 years of industry experience to help our clients solve problems.  

Since 2003 we've worked with marketing companies, international manfacturers, design firms, publishing firms, and government organizations. 

With each new client our goal remains the same: To be a reliable and expert partner, to be accessible and responsive to each client's needs, to be honest, efficient, effective, frank, creative, and empathetic.


We work with SilverStripe, WordPress, Magento, and PHP, along with variety of related technology: MySQL, WordPress, mongoDB, javascript, jquery, bootstrap, css3, html5, less, git, node.js, nginx, apache, photoshop, and adobe illustrator. 

SilverStripe is an incredibly flexible and efficient framework and content management system. It makes customization and 3rd party integrations go fast. The default administrative backend is very user friendly.

Magento is the top ecommerce platform in the world. It's an advanced piece of software that's built to handle a wide variety of ecommerce requirements.


We specialize in simple, intuive, effective designs that have sound user experience (UX) principles at their core. 


Our culture is based on...

Respect - for our clients and each other. Always.

Support - or our clients and one another. No client or oneRhino member should ever feel left behind or disconnected. 

Reliability - web development is notorious for having unreliable firms. We strive to be the exception to that rule.

Creativity - the most rewarding, and often the most challenging part of problem solving.

Communication - careful, frequent, and concise communication.

oneRhino was started by myself and Alyson in 2003. We started as Contigo Technologies, offering web development along side quickbooks consulting (Alyson's expertise). In 2008 the web development service was split off into a new company - oneRhino.
We offer four developers, myself, and Alyson. All our developers are fluent in English, professional, experienced, smart, honest, creative, reliable, humble, fun... I could go on but you get the idea. It's a great group with a lot of synergy and efficiency.
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