Content Management System Services

Too many Content Management Systems (CMS) are not better optimized for ease of use. We use CMS systems every day, when we develop one for others we alway skeep our own experience on our mind. Yes we're geeks, but we don't like having to jump through extra hoops, even if we know how to, just to update some content.

Some things we keep it mind:

  • Is it easy to get in and out of? 
  • Is it easy to find where & how to edit a bit of content? 
  • Does it unnecessarily "lock down" some content so it's not even editable in teh admin panel? 
  • Finally is there any documentation?

Solving these problems will boost efficiency and reduce frustration. We know because we're also users of these CMS's. 

Once we setup or improve a CMS we offer training, to help you get a sense of how it all works. Often times the system is so intuitive that very little training is needed. 

After some time has passed we make a point to check back with you, to help with any problem areas that may have arisen. Usually this means a simple "how to" phone call and/or screen sharing demo, but it can also mean us actually adjusting the CMS system itself to be more efficient.

Finally we provide documentation such as videos, screen shots, short "how to" steps.

The goal is to make sure the CMS is working well for you, whereby you can get in and out quick.

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