Magento Development for Marketing Companies / Groups

Magento Strategy

Magento is a large and complicated platform. Creating a successful Magento website requires deep expertise and commitment. Knowing when and how use Magento for your clients can save a lot of grief. The consequences of a poorly planned or managed Magento website are almost always much larger than a typical non-ecommerce website. 

Customizing Magento through Extensions

There are many extensions for Magento. The first and most important step is evaluating which one is right for your client.

It's often the case that one extension matches a clients needs, save one or two key features. Since Magento is open source, a skilled Magento developer can extend such an extension to fill that gap.

What happens when there is no extension that closely matches a required feature? A Magento developer can build a new/custom extension.

We help you determine which approach leaves you with an e-commerce store, one that's truly optimized for your client's unique business needs. We've both customized existing extensions and built them from the ground up.

Magento Performance Optimization

You can have an exquisitly designed Magento ecommerce store, paired with a great marketing campaign, and still fail to convert visitors to customers! How? Slow pages.

40% of people leave a website that takes over 3 seconds to load. It's also thought that a slow site can negatively impact your search engine ranking.

We offer Magento optimization services. Our Magento developers and system administrator carefully analyze your sites speed in a number of ways. The idea is not to blindly improve everything. Rather to look at where the true bottlenecks occur and address those first. this makes sure you get the most value for your time and dollar. 

Magento Integration & Automation

Many online stores need to sync with external systems - Point of Sale (POS) systems, inventory management systems, CRM's, ERP's, or accounting tools.  Magento allows for this, as do most third party external systems, but it almost always requires some customization.

The results can be powerful, saving time for both the client and website customer. For example products that are automatically updated across both Magento and the Amazon store, or product inventories updated on an ERP that are automatically shared with its matching Magento store. 

We've done many such integrations - Amazon, Ebay, SalesForce, Contact Contact, and Constant Contact to name a few, in various data formats (csv, json, xml), with up to 1.5 million product inventories.

Magento Design

As a Marketing group, the chances are you know how to create effective website designs. However do you know how to best do them for Magento in particular? 

Some designs will not translate easily to a given Magento theme's layout. In these cases we can customize it to match. However there are often a much more efficient, yet just as effective alternatives to consider. Small adjustments that save time and expense. 

With our design and magneto expertise you can make the best decision for your client, timeline, and budget.

Magento Blogs

If your clients need a blog added to their Magento store, it's often a good idea to use something like WordPress instead of Magento. While this means separate admin panels for blog vs. store management, it's still and easier to manage configuration for clients. it also offers more blog features.

Is Magento The Right Choice?

Magento is the most popular e-commerce platform. It's flexible, has a huge amount of features/extensions, and if those fall short it can be customized in almost every way.

However it's not right for every e-commerce scenario. It can be overkill for smaller scale ecommerce sites. Deciding when to use Magento is as important as how.

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