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How We Help Marketing Groups


  • Nobody disappears
  • Dedicated developers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Low Turnover

On Demand

  • Fast Response
  • VOIP and phone
  • Access to everyone
  • EST hours


  • See tickets
  • Track hours
  • Check comments
  • View technical docs
  • Status reports


  • Adapt to your process
  • Work with your team

Case Studies

  • Magento EE to CE Migration

    NEFCO is a construction/industrial material distributor. 

    Problem: NEFCO's Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) website has a high annual license cost. While switching to the Community Edition (CE) removes the license cost, their site is highly customized w/ EE-only features. 

    Solution: We rebuilt their EE stack in CE. This required a new server config,  creating 7 new extensions and modifying 26 to match legacy EE function, rebuilding the theme, and altering the database schema.

    • Tech: Magento, PHP5, MySql, Apache2
    • Market: B2B Ecommerce
    • Build Time: 2 weeks
  • Magento Rebuild and Redesign

    Xanatos Automotive runs a successful brick-and-mortar auto parts business with a focus on truck accessories.

    Problem: Xanatos doesn't have a website that matches the success of their offline business.

    Solution: We redesigned and rebuilt their entire magento stack. It now has 600k+ more products, sync's inventory w/ amazon's api, loads fast, custom advanced search, is more usable, mobile friendly, has a modern design & logo, and is easier to administer. They are preparing for marketing.

    • Tech: Magento, Amazon API, PHP5, MySQL, Apache2
    • Market: B2C
    • Build Time: 12 Weeks


  • oneRhino has provided excellent service from the start of our project. Communication has always been smooth and I am confident every step of the way that Billy and I are on the same page with regards to what tasks must be completed. I asked Billy for help importing massive amounts of products into my Magento and he went above and beyond what was asked. I am very happy that my company hired oneRhino for the project. I would recommend him to any business owner.

    Marcel Bosio, Founder, Marvicle Consulting

    Marcel Bosio
  • My company needed web developers to handle back end, PHP, .JS, CSS and SalesForce integration for our SilverStripe CMS. We had a very lengthy and difficult time finding a company that was reliable, on budget, highly technical, and on time. We are extremely happy with oneRhino’s service and professionalism. Not only have they exceeded our expectations, the tasks are all tracked in their ticket system so I always know where my projects are in the process. I was surprised at how proactive Billy has been – even suggesting procedures that would save time and money based on my company’s business practices as they relate to our web site. Thanks oneRhino!

    Gina Tinker-Lewis, Creative Director, RadImage

    Gina at RadImage
  • Billy does a great job at thinking about all the aspects of a web application, making suggestions, and looking out for the client's best interest. His experience brings a lot of value to the table in exceeding the client expectations.

    Craig Griffin, Director of Business Migrations, Silverchair

    Craig Griffin at SilverChair


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